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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (S.E.O.) is often perceived as the "black magic" of web design and marketing. Simply put S.E.O. is the mechanism that gets your site indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines. Click for our 5 free SEO tips guide. There are several factors that influence your page rank and all contribute to give your website an overall ranking for each and every keyword search. By understanding the way engines rank your site, provides the key to helping your site get noticed and driving traffic to your site. Low ranking websites attract few visitors to your site

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Keywords, identify your sites main subject matter and informs search engines what your website contains. You can improve your ranking by optimising your site for your chosen keywords and with a site packed with good copy. Keywords must be relevant to your websites subject matter and engines like Google have complex algorythms that analyse your site based on your content and keyword density.

Abusing your site by stuffing as many keywords in as possible or having irrelevant content will penalise your ranking and sometimes leads to your site getting banned. Keywords and solid relevant content, form the basis of assisting people find websites that are applicable to their search terms.

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Having the latest animated site design looks great, but worthless if its attracting hardly any customers. What goods a site if it attracts nobody? There are several techniques we use to get your site noticed and develop organic growth. Many websites include Flash and image maps which look great but carry very little influence if any to your page rank. These techniques waste the opportunity for an improved page rank.

Quality written articles with great content will attract people who will link to your site. The more links, the more visitors to your site and the better you rank. Obviously this simplistic overview is only scratching the surface, contact Citrus to find out more

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