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Google offer a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service called Adwords that enables users to pay for an advert promoting their business. Your advert will rank according to how much competition there is for that keyword(s) your bidding on and how much your maximum bid is. Each time your advert is clicked you pay your bid fee which is determined by how many people are also bidding on the same keyword(s), (Price will lie between your maximum and minimum bid fees). A daily, weekly budget is set and the advert will run until your budget runs out.

Campaigns can stream traffic to your site

Larger companies spend thousands, even tens of thousands p/wk on campaigns to improve sales. But a cleverly thought out campaign need not cost thousands or even hundreds of euros. We employ several strategies to minimise your bids and maximise your click-through-rate (CTR) whilst driving streams of traffic to your site. Campaigns have to be monitored closely and tweaked according to results. Control ads and full tracking systems such as Google Analytics, are essential to any campaign. Remember, the success of Adwords is only as good as the person running your campaign.

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50 million reasons for Adwords!

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Adwords campaigns can be used for fast, accurate marketing results to decide such events as:

  • The profitability of a new business idea
  • Your market for a particular product
  • Finding a niche market
  • Split test multiple-ads

Imagine having a 50 million audience voting on your ad according to its contents! Thats one fast and powerful marketing tool which will determine whether your business idea is a goer or not. You can test this idea via a series of Adwords campaigns to see if its viable thus eliminating expensive startup costs and marketing & advertising costs. For further information contact Citrus to explore these exciting possibilities